Epigenetics, Nutrigenomics & Autism.

DNA Blog Oct 2014   – Genetics and our Health:  Have you heard recently how the study of genetics is playing such a significant role in the future of medicine and wellness?  Knowing your genetics is the key to understanding and taking control of the future of your health and your child’s health.    Nutrigenomics is the term used to describe the new and exciting study of blending genetic predisposition and health with the growing field of nutrition. We are proud to announce at Dr. Noah’s Autism Recovery Center (ARC) that we offer personalized nutritional plans that implement this cutting-edge style of medicine. We also offer RNA-based supplements and custom drugless nutritional prescriptions.  We recognize that every child is completely unique with their very own individual genetic background.  Each child with autism spectrum disorder has a very unique history and requires a highly specialized diet and nutritional plan. When it comes to your child’s health, a one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter approach will not be effective.  That’s why we offer a fully-customized plan that is exclusively designed for your child.  One of the most notable benefits of nutrigenomics is that it is 100% specific – it eliminates the need for guesswork. Each supplement and diet plan is custom designed based on each patient’s particular genetic and nutritional test results. This equates to less time wasted on implementing diets that don’t work for your child and less money spent on supplements that weren’t appropriate for your child or compatible with their genetics in the first place.  Instead of throwing a dart at the dart board with our eyes closed and hoping for a good outcome,  we’re walking up to the proverbial dart board and placing the dart, with precision, on the bulls eye.

The individualized protocols that Dr. Erickson offers are based on scientific data which he acquires from various tests that we have available at the office for the testing of brain chemicals, food allergies, vitamin deficiencies and mineral imbalances.  Because excellent nutrition serves as the basis that allows your body to function properly, at Dr. Noah’s ARC, we focus on nutritional and genetic testing. It is imperative. These two forms of testing allow is to provide your child with a highly individualized dietary plan. Many children with autism spectrum disorder have tried a gluten or dairy free diet, often known as the GF/CF diet, with little or no success. Others have used omega-3 fish oils, methyl B12 injections and diets such as GAPS and experienced undesirable effects. The average diet and supplement plans for children with autism spectrum disorder are based on very general recommendations and dietary guidelines.  To detect crucial biochemical imbalances, we must utilize genetic and nutrigenomic testing, implement personalized nutrition plans, and use compounded supplements and RNA mutation-specific formulas to bypass the inborn genetic errors.

Our assessment of your child includes a genetic analysis which investigates the inherited predisposition to autism spectrum disorder.  Epigenetics is the science of detecting errors in the human genetic coding that affects the expression of illness and disease.  At Dr. Noah’s ARC, we believe that ASD is multi-factorial and is strongly influenced by genetic predisposition.  We are able to turn “on” and “off” genes by utilizing nutritional supplements that positively affect the functioning of your child’s organs and brain.  I believe that nutrigenomics and epigenetics are the most accurate sciences available today that can be implemented with a biomedical autism plan.  Genetics is the way of the future.  And, thankfully, our genes can tell us something very profound about our children on the spectrum.

If you would like more information about what we offer at Dr. Noah’s ARC, you may visit our website www.drnoahsarc.com or call our office.  We’re always happy to help…

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